Jonathan Platt has overseen production for many longform concert DVD and Specials including The Ramones “RAW”, Warp Tour 2003 and 2007, Chicago in Chicago Live, Graham Parker, The World Baseball Classic Special Edition DVD for 2006 and 2009 as well as the Galerians Rion Anime.  Platt has also been involved with the film development and acquisitions for The Ramen Girl (Britney Murphy), Catacombs (Shannon Sossamon and Pink), REPO The Genetic Opera (Alexa Vega and Sarah Brightman), The Hills (Paris Hilton).  Jonathan has handled acquisitions of over 30 features, tv shows and long form concerts.  As a producer, Jonathan has been involved with the Presents Japan Confidential for BEE TV/NTT Domo, Crash Course to Stardom and Restless Spirit.