Honey Rose Records founder Morey Levovitz is a serial entrepreneur who always had a love of music and film. When he met Finnish singer songwriter Peppina performing at the Sundance Film Festival 2015 he was so blown away by her performance and realized she was the type of artist he was looking for to start the record label he had always dreamed about.  


His film director friend, Danny Kaufman was also in attendance at Peppina’s Sundance performance. When he heard her perform he said to Danny “ This girl is great. We’ve got to get her music into our film “Married Young”. It was then that  Morey decided he would start Honey Rose Records to accompany his film production company; Don’t Tell Dani Productions.


Now 2016 will have Peppina’s Honey Rose’s debut album and two songs from Peppina in the “Married Young”  film and soundtrack, which will also be released on Honey Rose Records.